Adresse :
15 Rue Du Chêne Germain, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, France, Bretagne 35510
Présentation :

ScaleDynamics offers a developer-first cloud-computing platform that includes everything developers need to code modules, deploy and run:
- A cloud store with 400+ cloud resources. Developers select the cloud resource according to the right GPU/ processor/ memory/ bandwidth, or legal requirements. Deploy easily and change whenever they need to scale.
- A production-grade SDK for projects: Developers code only JavaScript modules in live-reload and the Platform run them as-a-service transparently.
- A Full Stack Playground allows developers to code both front & backend, test, share their ideas right from the browser.
- An app builder that helps developers get started in no time. Customize their set of tools to develop, download, and start coding in a few clicks.

Téléphone : 07 83 26 26 82