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15 Rue Du Chêne Germain, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, France, Bretagne 35510
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ScaleDynamics is a managed multi-cloud computing platform, providing the easiest way to deploy, operate and scale Docker & Node.js on the cloud. Instant provisioning, change cloud resources with a few clicks.

Specific services for specific needs:

- Static Asset Hosting:
Host your static assets accessible by URLs on the cloud of your choice. Deploy them onto specific geographical regions to be closer to your customers.

- Managed Node.js server & Docker HTTP:
Fire up a live Node.js standard server or a Docker HTTP file on the cloud of your choice with instant cloud provisioning and automated deployment. Move whenever you need.

- Managed Node.js module:
The simplest way to go to the cloud for developers. Make live a Node.js server only called from a JavaScript client, without HTTP — yes, you read it right!

Téléphone : 07 83 26 26 82